Mazda 6 DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) Removal Breakthrough

The Mazda 6 DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) is designed to trap soot also known as particulate matter from escaping the exhaust system into the atmosphere. It’s a great idea and works extremely well by reducing soot particles by up to 90%. In fact, it works a bit too well, so well that eventually it will block up and cause endless problems for the owner of the vehicle and until now, the only option was to replace the DPF with a new one which again will be waiting to get blocked again.

There is a process known as regeneration which your vehicle should do without your input, automatically every 200-300 or so miles which basically increases the temperature of the exhaust gasses to help burn off any soot trapped in the Diesel Particulate Filter box to unblock it so it can continue to work, however, this is not very effective and they continue to get blocked up to a point where even a forced regeneration is not possible.

Once the DPF has failed and a regeneration is not possible, your local dealer/garage will advise you buy unit. A new one will cost you in excess of £2000+ with parts, labour & vat. Buying a used / 2nd hand DPF is never advised as it will come partially blocked already and waiting to fail again. In fact, even with a new unit on your car it will not bring you complete piece of mind because the design of the Diesel Particulate Filter has not changed one bit, so you will be waiting for it to fail again.

If you drive with the DPF blocked, your vehicle will fall into LIMP mode (also known as LIMP HOME mode) and the Engine ECU will restrict the engines performance to 3000rpm to safeguard the engine and other mechanical components. With a blocked DPF, you will experience excess backpressure which could eventually weaken and blow the seals of your turbocharger and internal engine seals which will cause problems such as oil leaks and loss of power. So it’s best to get the problem fixed now rather than later.

Until now, that was your only option but recently we (Sinspeed Ltd) announced that we have finally come up with a solution, a breakthrough in the Mazda 6 DPF nightmare. We have been for many years, removing the DPF (Diesel Particulate Filters) from other vehicles such as Vauxhalls, Audi’s, VW’s, Seats, Skoda’s, Kia’s & Jaguar’s etc but until now no company in the world could remove the DPF from a Mazda 6 successfully without it falling into Limp Mode and having the speedo light up like a christmas tree with errors.

Sinspeed is the first & currently the only company in the whole of Europe and possibly the world, to be able to successfully remove the DPF from the Mazda 6 with zero errors. That’s right, even if you’re vehicle is already in LIMP mode (restricting the engine performance to 3000rpm) then Sinspeed can still help. We remove the DPF and reset the PCM/ECU module to bring it out of LIMP mode and turn off all error lights.

Once the vehicle has left our workshop, you will never experience a DPF error warning light come back on and never experience any problems with it ever again. For more information, call us on 0871 2887 666 today.